Beyond the Avalanche: Ken Wylie’s Story

In 2003 a large avalanche strikes a group of 20 backcountry skiers, 7 are killed. This is the story of the tragedy that changed backcountry culture and forever transformed one guides relationship with the mountains.

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Story Chapters

Ken's story has been broken into an introduction followed by five interview chapters. Enjoy!

  • Chapter 3 - Adventure Addiction

    Ken talks about his addiction
    Watch Chapter 3

  • Chapter 4 - Taking Responsibility

    Ken confronts his past
    Watch Chapter 4

  • Chapter 5 - The Mountains Transform

    Ken talks about his transformation
    Watch Chapter 5


Chapter 1 - Not My Fault

Chapter 2 - Waking Up

Chapter 3 - Adventure Addiction

Chapter 4 - Taking Responsibility

Chapter 5 - The Mountains Transform

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